Discrimination comes in many forms; a common place to see discrimination occur is, unfortunately, in the workplace.

Employment discrimination can occur when a person has been treated unfairly based on a number of “protected classes.” To file an employment discrimination claim, you will need to contact an attorney who will help uncover important details regarding the situation.

What are protected classes?

Protected classes include age, sex, gender, disability, and religion. This generally means that an employer cannot fire you, refuse to hire you, or treat you unfairly based on those characteristics.

When you go into an attorney’s office to discuss your situation, they should ask you a number of questions about what you experienced and whether or not you have any proof or documentation to support your claim. These introductory questions will help your attorney better understand your situation and represent you to the best of their ability.

You should give your attorney a detailed description of what happened and include as many specifics as possible.

Proper documentation of these types of claims will often include all of the details of your experience.

When an employer, or prospective employer, has treated you poorly, you deserve to have someone fighting for your rights. You should not be treated differently based on the color of your skin, the year you were born, or the religion you practice.

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