Losing someone you love can bear a massive weight on your shoulders, in addition to leaving an empty space in your heart. In times like these, it is difficult to even know where to begin. We want you to focus on mourning your loss, while we begin to help you regain financial security. There are probably a million questions running through your head as you begin to process the situation:

Why did this happen? How could this have been prevented? Will the person at-fault have any consequences? How do I know if my situation qualifies as a wrongful death case? What are my legal options? How long will the entire process take?

Our team at The Pickett Law Firm can answer these complex and difficult questions for you and explain where to go from here.

What Is Wrongful Death?

Let us start by explaining what exactly a wrongful death case entails. A wrongful death occurs when a person dies due to something that was unnatural or caused by the carelessness or negligence of another. For example, a car accident, fire, nursing home neglect and abuse, products liability, or murder could all be considered cases where you might file a claim for a wrongful death.

There are a number of types of cases for wrongful death, and we will help you decipher what the next steps may be. Bill Pickett and the rest of the team at The Pickett Law Firm have experience with wrongful death cases, and we understand the complexity of these types of cases. This time is filled with unspeakable sadness, confusion and grief. We, at The Pickett Law Firm, recognize how difficult of a situation this is for you.

Who Is Eligible for Compensation?

Another important question to ask is, “If there is compensation available, who is eligible to receive that compensation?” This can be a tricky situation depending on the family, will and wishes of the deceased.

An immediately family member of the deceased may be eligible for financial compensation due to the loss of their loved one. This could be a parent, spouse, sibling, child, or, in some cases, a grandparent. The recipient of the compensation must be a family member of the deceased.

Although this is a time of grieving and sorrow, it is also a pressing time to contact an attorney to gather as much information as possible to defend your case. We will need to uncover evidence to prove that your loved one passed away due to the negligence of another in order for you to receive compensation.

What Is the Statute of Limitations in Washington State?

Statutes of limitations are restrictions for the time a person is allowed to file a lawsuit for a specific case. In the state of Washington, a claim for a wrongful death case must be filed within three years of the date of death of the deceased. You must provide a death certificate for your claim for confirmation, and we will work to prove that your loved one passed away due to unnatural causes or the negligence of another.

What Are Damages?

Damages include the different types of losses you may have endured during or after you lost your loved one. These include: medical costs, pain and suffering of your loved one, the loss of companionship, funeral and burial costs, the expected income of your loved one, and many more. The Pickett Law Firm will work to recover these damages for you and your family.

The Pickett Law Firm is here to answer your questions and try to lift the financial burden caused by your loss. We are people, too, and we understand this is not just another case to glance at. This is your life. You have to deal with medical bills, emotional stress, not to mention taking the time to grieve your loss. If your loved one’s death was caused by the negligence or carelessness of another, The Pickett Law Firm is here to help.

Bill Pickett and the rest of the team at The Pickett Law Firm will work tirelessly to see that the people at-fault of the loss of your loved one receive the necessary consequences and are held responsible for your loss. Bill Pickett has helped many grieving families throughout the years to handle their wrongful death cases.

The Pickett Law Firm Is Here to Help You

Although we cannot bring your loved one back, we can help you try to gain some peace of mind. We want to help you honor their lives by fighting for the compensation you both deserve.

Wrongful death is a particularly burdensome type of case to handle, but The Pickett Law Firm will fight until you are able to walk out on the other side with a sense of hope. Our main goal is to help the surviving family of the deceased gain the compensation that they deserve for a stronger future.

This process can take some time, but it is important that you have the right people on your side to get you the best possible outcome. The team at The Pickett Law Firm can walk you through this period. Our office is prepared to handle your wrongful death claim.

We have a great deal of experience with filing wrongful death claims in Washington, and we want you to be able to focus on your family, mourning your loss and finding your new normal. You should not have to think so much about the financial burden that comes with losing a loved one but on grieving. That’s where The Pickett Law Firm steps in.

If you have suffered a loss of a loved one due to the negligence or carelessness of another, please contact The Pickett Law Firm today to begin working on your claim as soon as possible. We know this is an incredibly difficult time, and we are here to give you the best possible outcome. Call our office today to speak with Bill Picket, an experience wrongful death attorney in Yakima, Washington.