Here’s our first official video introducing the new partners of what used to be LBP Law and now LGP Law.

Bill Pickett, Trial Attorney and Partner

Ryan Griffee, Attorney and Managing Partner

Paul Larson, Attorney and Founder
‘I’m Paul, and I truly adore my clients.’

Bill: In the practice of law, you have got to become a David and stand up to the giants.

Paul: Quality work, promptly done. That is the reputation we have in this community. We do business law and we do litigation.

Bill: We have the resources and the passion to get the job done. We try to put people back together again and put their lives back together again, after a loss that has been destructive.

Ryan: In Yakima, everything starts with the soil. We’re producing things here, we’re not just trading services. It’s the people that live here and the people who spend a lot of time focusing on others and that’s very special about this community.

Paul: I do this because I love my family. I do this because I truly love my community. People always came to my door. It’s a place where people actually care about their neighbors.

Ryan: We get to be part of the fabric of this community. We help our clients focus on what they do best.

When a client is coming to us, it’s the most important thing that they have going on in their life and we understand the gravitas of what they’re coming to us with.

Bill: They know that they’re going to the get the help that they need in this season of their life and to get through it and not just preserve but successfully come out on the other side.

Ryan: We are going to be there for them in the long run.

You have to want to help people and get great satisfaction out of that.

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