No one wants to view chaos as possessing authority, yet it’s undeniable how much chaos can dominate someone’s life. Living in the midst of chaos feels akin to being manipulated like puppets on a string. Thus, the opposite of chaos is ‘Shalom’ – or the peace of God – is about dismantling the authority tied to chaos. That is, having the peace of God within oneself.

Making Sure Lawyers Don’t Add to the Chaos

For lawyers, lacking Shalom can present challenges. Legal disputes frequently stir up considerable turmoil. As an attorney, our objective is to introduce calm, aiming ultimately to facilitate healing and restoration within the legal process.

In contrast, I grew up with a lot of chaos; it was just my upbringing. In a sense, chaos and stress feel somewhat normal. That’s not a healthy thing, but I tend to respond to that much more readily than a lot of people who didn’t grow up in that kind of environment.

One of the things I have to be careful of is making sure that I don’t contribute to the chaos and disarray that I deal with. When people come to me with something that’s broken in their life, they’re asking me for help with restoring and finding wholeness in order to move forward. 

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