When deciding upon a personal injury attorney, the possibilities can seem endless. As you weigh your options, make sure the attorney you choose is the right one for you. Here we highlight some of the most important aspects of a quality personal injury attorney.

  1. Client Compassion: Compassion for an injured client is one of the most important aspects of representation, and it is a trait not easily learned in school. At Larson Griffee & Pickett PLLC, when personal injury clients come to us, we recognize the immense physical and emotional pain that often follows a traumatic experience like an auto accident, slip and fall, or a wrongful death.

Consequently, we strive to help our clients heal and restore and will work tirelessly to ensure each client’s experience is comfortable and positive. By working with Larson Griffee & Pickett PLLC, you can rest assured Bill Pickett will walk hand-in-hand with you through this journey, treating you with dignity, respect, kindness, and compassion from the initial consultation to the resolution of your case.

  1. Attention to detail: Personal injury cases are heavily fact-driven and often come down to the details of the incident in question. Factors like weather or the details of the accident report can make all the difference, and your attorney should be prepared to scour documents, photographs, and medical records to ensure complete and total awareness of every aspect of the case.
  2. Advocacy skills: Working in personal injury necessitates interaction with a wide range of other people, including insurance company personnel, opposing counsel, witnesses, and the court. Therefore, a personal injury attorney must have the professional communication skills as well as the ability to effectively advocate on behalf of the client.

Moreover, an effective personal injury advocate is able to be both courteous and tough when fighting for his clients.

  1. Experience in injury cases: Make sure your potential personal injury lawyer has experience successfully handling personal injury cases. There is nothing wrong with asking a potential attorney for testimonials from previous clients or for his track record with personal injury cases. Does he or she have experience winning settlements? Do previous clients seem satisfied? If your prospective lawyer declines to give you that information, consider that a red flag and make sure you check out other lawyers in the area. You can also check the lawyer’s website, reviews, or other endorsements.
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