Personal Injury

What are the steps I should take after I’m injured in an accident?

July 17, 2022

If you’re injured in an accident, common sense dictates that you’ve got to get medical attention, first and foremost. Legally speaking, it’s vitally important that you follow up with a trained medical provider who can accurately document the injury. If the injuries aren’t documented, it can be as if they didn’t even happen. Some people…

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Trust and Innovation: A Multi-state Perspective

October 17, 2019

We’re continuing with a look back at Bill’s articles in the “Presidents Corner” of the Northwest Lawyer Magazine from his time as President of the Washington State Bar Association. This is the 2nd of 18. Washington has the best bar and the best bar members—of course, we may be a bit biased! We annually test…

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Departures and Arrivals

October 2, 2019

What a difference a month can make! I am honored to introduce myself as your WSBA President, a role I assumed unexpectedly in March when Brad Furlong resigned his leadership position for medical reasons. As President-Elect since last September, I have greatly admired Brad’s fierce advocacy for the rule of law and diversity and inclusion;…

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7 Items To Always Keep in Your Car

April 11, 2016

Being in a car accident is terrifying. You never expect an accident to happen so it’s smart to be prepared before an accident occurs. We compiled a list of 7 items that you should always keep in your car. This way, if you do find yourself being involved in an accident, you can be prepared.…

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Are your car accident injuries more severe than you think?

April 10, 2016

It is important to know what injuries to look for after a car accident. You may not think your injuries are serious, but you may very well be wrong. Many people talk about injuries as if each one is independent of the others. The fact is that one injury often affects the body at least…

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Anxiety and Depression after a Head Injury

April 7, 2016

A severe brain injury can be one of the most life-impacting traumas an individual can endure. Not only are the physical side effects of a head injury often permanent in nature, but certain injuries can bring about mental health issues as well. From anxiety and depression to mania and schizophrenia, post-accident psychiatric treatment is an…

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