Insurance companies try to use time lapses to their advantage. Let’s say, for instance, you have neck or back pain, but you’re not sure if you’re injured so you just try to grin and bear it. You give it a few weeks, and maybe a few weeks turns into a few months. Finally, you end up going to the doctor. After diagnostic imaging, you find that you have a serious spinal cord injury.

Now, there is a gap in time between your injury and the documentation.

Because of the time lapse, a lot of things have to happen. First, it will be necessary to look at your records to determine if you had any problems beforehand. Did you have aches and pains diagnosed or recorded in any prior medical record?

If records are not sufficient, either you or the people who know you can testify as to your pre-accident condition. This may be all we have to rely upon.

The most important thing to do is to try to avoid the gaps in time from the time of the injury to the point of discovery because those gaps are only going to hurt you.

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