Prosser, Wa.: WSP responded to a crash at milepost 78 late Thursday night on I-82 near Prosser where a man died after a two-car collision.

WSP said that the man, 29, was driving eastbound on I-82 when he crossed over the center line, struck another vehicle, left the roadway, rolled down an embankment.  Occupants of the vehicle the man struck were unhurt.

While authorities from WSP are continuing to investigate the cause of the crash they did say that the man was wearing his seatbelt.

The Larson Griffee & Pickett PLLC Safety Tip when driving at night:

Don’t forget to be observant and aware as you pass other vehicles or as they pass you. Often times we assume the other driver is aware and alert driving at night, but this is not always the case.

Always know where other cars are at and use the SMITH safe driving system:

Five Principles of Safe Driving

The Smith System states that following these five rules can dramatically reduce the risk of major accidents on highways and roads.

  1. Aim High: Drivers should focus attention “high” as to see the whole road not just a few feet ahead of them.
  2. The Big Picture: Be not only aware of your drive, but of the driving of others around you as well as other possible hazards.
  3. Keep Your Eyes Moving: The third standard of the Smith System asks drivers to remain alert. It is crucial to take measures to avoid drowsy driving. This is especially important for commercial drivers who may be driving very long hours. Consistent eye movement helps combat this.
  4. Leave Yourself an Out: This means ensure that other drivers do not box you in.  Do not follow other vehicles too closely, and do your best to always anticipate what choices other drivers will possibly make.
  5. Make Sure They See You: The worst thing a driver can do is assume that other drivers can see you. Use your horn and get their attention if you feel you are coming into another driver’s blind spot.
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