Being mistreated by another person can break your spirit, but when the other person holds a position of power, it makes the situation even more difficult. Law enforcement misconduct is a real problem in the United States and throughout the world. We’ve seen countless news stories and videos that show law enforcers, like the police, treating citizens poorly.

Our firm is one of the few that is willing to stand up for citizens like you—citizens who have been abused by law enforcement professionals. We represent people who have suffered emotional or physical abuse from a police officer. This abuse could include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • False arrest
  • False imprisonment
  • Discriminatory enforcement
  • Police brutality
  • Excessive use of force
  • Abuse of power

It can be easy to remain silent if you have been abused because the other entity seems much stronger and more powerful. We understand how difficult this is, and we want you to know that your voice needs to be heard. We want to provide you with the justice you deserve.

Abuse of Power

Police misconduct is becoming a typical news story that we read about in national headlines. Thankfully, more and more police officers are required to wear body cameras, which helps to provide solid evidence as to what occurred at the time of the incident. Innocent people have been hurt and even killed due to the abuse of police officers. We know this is wrong, and we want to help you focus on what is really important: healing.

You and your family should not have to suffer because of another person’s abuse of power. We will work with you to regain hope, strength, and compensation.

There is not one single way to avoid law enforcement misconduct; however, there are some things that we suggest for if you do come into contact with a police officer:

  • Be polite
  • Do as they say
  • Remain calm
  • Know your rights

Remaining calm in a situation like this can help you in the long run, even if it is difficult to keep a cool head at the time. If a police officer takes advantage of his or her power, we want to represent you and find the greatest possible outcome for you and your family.

We’re here to help.

We can help you receive compensation for pain, suffering, loss of income, and more. We have experience representing people like you in law enforcement misconduct cases.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, please contact an attorney as soon as possible. Our team will work with you to uncover the facts and to see that justice will be served. We handle police misconduct cases to help protect you and your rights.

Our firm will help recover the costs associated with any injuries, treatments, financial, or emotional stress resulting from police brutality or abuse. We know legally going up against a police officer can seem daunting, but we will work with you and see you through to the end.

Helping people like you for 13 years.

Since 2002, Bill Pickett has been helping people like you to find the compensation they deserve after being a victim of law enforcement misconduct. He is an experienced attorney, and he has you in his best interest.

Our main focus is finding you the justice and compensation you deserve because we want you and your family to have a brighter and more secure future. You should not have to worry about overcoming financial obstacles or paying for medical treatment when you have been physically or emotionally abused by someone else. If you have been a victim of law enforcement misconduct in or near Yakima, Washington, please contact us as soon as possible.